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In our previous blog, we have discussed how to set up your e-commerce store using SocialFlow. If you have not read my previous blog about the steps, you can find it right here.

If you have not gotten yourself a SocialFlow account yet, you can click the link right below to get started. Please take note that you will need a NetFlow account first as SocialFlow is part of its integration.

You can also watch the tutorial video here if you prefer a step-by-step tutorial instead. Without further ado, let’s begin!

There are…

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Ever imagine having a chatbot and an e-commerce builder at the same time by subscribing to one tool only? SocialFlow is the answer for you.

Before I continue, I want to announce that huge changes are going on in InstaFunnels and NetFlow now that I have yet to confirm with the developer if the features are finalized. Once I got the thumbs up from them, I will make videos about it to show more awesome things you can do using those tools too!

In this blog, I will focus on the setup process…

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With the introduction of SocialFlow from my previous blog, let’s dive in to build your first chatbot flow using this tool. In case you want to read up on what other features it has, you can refer to my previous blog to find out more.

The chatbot flow that we are building will be automating the appointment booking process. Please note that you will need multiple software tools to automate your entire appointment booking process in an actual sales application. …

I am back again after a long hiatus and some weeks of testing out a new tool for all of you. As promised, I will reveal it in this blog.

The tool that I have been testing is called SocialFlow. It is a chatbot that works like ManyChat or ChatFuel but with additional features such as e-commerce integration and many more which are yet to be revealed. I will briefly go through what was available for now as things may change in future.

What’s in SocialFlow as of today?

Right now, SocialFlow has multiple features such as comment and reply automation, chatbot flow building, e-commerce store…

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We are taught to “learn from the best” especially when we just got started in something new. However, getting to know how things are done is not as direct as having a marking scheme for each exam paper. The main problems in life are too subjective and the most we can do is to reference and learn the things that currently work or do rigorous trial and errors to get it right.

When it comes to website and landing page building, most of us are stuck because we aren’t sure what tools to use to achieve our objective. …

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Offer-stacking to convince your prospects and customers has become the bread and butter for every business, no matter on products or services. At times, creating extra bonuses in our main offer can be costly and time-consuming so some of us probably opt for Private Label Rights (PLR) products to fulfil the role.

The question is, is it worth doing so in the long run? Here is my personal view on this matter.

Here’s My Answer: Both yes and no.

Why is it the case? Because it heavily depends on the offer you are providing for your products or services. If you went to PLR sites like InDigitalWorks…

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Want your website, landing page or any piece of your content easily searched online? If your answer is yes, then set up your best SEO keywords is a must so you can always be searchable online.

In this blog, I will be sharing 7 great tools you can use to plan your SEO keywords. This blog will be short and links to those sites will be attached for your convenience. Let’s begin the review!

1. Frase

Recently, I finally got myself a great book written by Stephen R. Covey, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. This book is known as one of the books that help you build your fundamentals to become successful in life, which is to form and redefine your habits.

Therefore, here are the 5 things I have learnt from this book. I may reconsider republishing another 5 things I learnt from this book and the previous ones I have read as well since there are definitely many things that you can learn from the same book.

1. If you want to change a habit, start from your paradigms.

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Handling customer appointments online can be tedious and it requires a lot of work for every customer, starting from booking a time slot until the after-sales service itself. Therefore, this blog will show you how you can automate the appointment booking process with InstaFunnels.

If you combine this with email automation for follow up, you can save up a lot of time to let yourself focus on what matters in your business. You can watch my video tutorial here if you don’t like to read a lot.


If you are still new to the interface itself, I recommend you to…

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“Too much info!”, “Where should I start?”, “I am lost…”

How many of you have experienced this when you are learning something new? To be honest, I am also one of them too even until now. It is a constant problem for us these days because new information is just easily accessible without leaving your house. All you need is just a computer or even a mobile phone and Internet access.

In this blog, I will be sharing with you how I cope with this problem and learn from courses (both free and paid) as efficient as possible.

1. Understand your own learning capabilities

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